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Safe, Secure, Professional Car Storage for your Baby.

At Horsepower Collector Car Storage we’re car guys, too.

In the past we’ve had to watch as our prized possession accumulated corrosion, dirt, salt, door dings, and damage because it was stored outside, or even worse, in a community parking lot. We believe that just because you don’t have a garage of your own that you should have to sacrifice any longer. For about the same cost as a self-storage facility, you can have climate controlled, secure storage that includes a battery maintainer if you choose. Collector cars of all kinds have greatly appreciated in value in recent years, and finally a storage option exists that reflects this change from hobby to investment. 

Because we’re car guys, we know that you want flexible options and that every situation is different. Want to come get your car to cruise every weekend? We have a plan for that. Have a project car that you just won’t be able to work on any time soon? (don’t we all?) We have a plan for that, too. 

Contact us today to discuss the right storage solution for you and your investment.